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Dedicated resource, guaranteed performance

When you need guaranteed performance, only fully managed, dedicated resource with exceptional support will do. Build your own private cloud to perfectly meet the unique needs of your business.

Your dedicated cloud, your way

Our platform allows you to tailor your cloud solution to meet your exact needs. Dedicated compute resource guarantees performance, and the choice of storage options makes it easy to configure your bespoke private cloud solution.

Isolated Hardware

Isolate not only compute resource but also storage and networking, giving you total control and flexibility over resource allocation and enhanced cloud security.

Fixed Monthly Cost

With entire pools of resource to yourself, use dedicated blades however you choose to suit computing demands without the hassle of individual VM resource expenditure.

Security Support

Our highly qualified cloud security specialists are available to monitor, detect and mitigate any threats to your infrastructure.

Dedicated Resource

Experience guaranteed compute resource, high performance and control.

Fully Managed

We set up, manage and maintain your environment for you, providing personalised, pod-based support from your account manager and team of cloud engineers.

Multi-site Hosting

Choose single site hosting or take advantage of our multiple data centre locations with multi-site hosting for optimal disaster recovery capabilities.