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Enterprise-grade calling for your business

You can rely on your voice connections for today. And future-proofed services for tomorrow

Organisations are starting to move to alternative phone systems and realise greater efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

We can help you manage your journey to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications and make this a reality for you too. So whether you’re thinking of changing providers, moving from legacy voice to IP, or considering a converged voice service – we make it simple for you.

Features include:

Advantages to Voip

VoIP allows businesses to remain competitive, and in some cases, gain a competitive edge. It allows you to take full advantage of the network that you already have in place or are planning to upgrade. Essentially, VoIP allows you to operate your phone system over the internet rather than using traditional public switched networks. 

Our backbone is run via the BT voice cloud and then presented either via physical handset or to be free from bounds Cisco Webex which can be installed onto a mobile device to provide maximum flexibility.

Integrate with your business

No physical handset wanted, no problem!. Our Voip platform easily integrates with Microsoft Teams, you can take and make calls directly from the app on your computer or mobile device.  

If your business does not use Microsoft we supply Cisco Webex licences all the same functions and features as MS Teams

Any device

Use any device to receive or make calls or meeting.

Enterprise-grade security

Stay connected and secure with 99.99% committed availability.

More efficiency

never need to worry about missed calls or missed meetings again

Save communication costs

Manage all your services in one place, eliminating the need of a physical phone system