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Supporting Your IT Infrastructure

Advanced IT support

Our amazing IT services and solutions will facilitate you to fully apply technology to boost the efficiency, productivity, profitability and protection that your business will enjoy. A fully managed IT Support is the top level of available support for your company. It offers everything an in-house IT department can provide but at a fraction of the cost. This offers business owners really peace of mind.

Managed Support

Flexibility to meet specific requirements ​

Proactive security for your IT infrastructure ​

Technology that improves staff experiences​

Drive innovation and staff motivation​

Here is how our IT support can help solve your business challenges.

With each IT Management Support Plan, you get a group of profoundly experienced, confirmed system advisors, topic specialists, account the executive masters, and ad hoc access to our IT help work area administrations. We likewise offer crisis IT backing to organisations that experience issues with their business innovation.

Tailored IT 

Every IT personnel works differently and therefore prefers to use different IT support channels. To cater for all your staff, Espok will deliver the full spectrum of IT support channels. If you prefer to pick up the phone and speak to us, email us, or use our online portal we have you covered. Support is easy to access, responsive –  keeping staff productive.

Controlling cyber activity

With accelerated growth of cybercrime and decentralisation of IT, we provide an IT help-desk adopting strict IT security procedures to keep you safe. Our secure system will continually review every device for any vulnerability – Making sure you are aware of the risks and suitable actions to tackle those risks.

We are a shout away 

Our IT support services are available when you need us the most. Either to provide assistance to your staff or respond to our self regulating IT system monitoring platform – reducing system interruptions by faithfully watching your server’s behaviour to provide an early sign of failure