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A Faster Internet

A connection direct to your business

Organisations depend on a stable internet connection for greater efficiency and flexibility.

DSL connections offer a widely available internet connection across the UK. DSL services come in a few different variations with the most popular being FTTC that can offer up to 80mbps download speeds. This means the connection runs on fibre to the exchange to provide faster speeds and can then connect to your business over a traditional phone line. We also cater for ADSL/2+ services where FTTC has not been rolled out yet and can still achieve download speeds of up to 24mbps.

FTTP uses fibre cables all the way into your business. This means it can deliver ultrafast broadband speeds up to 900Mb, and makes it the UK’s most reliable broadband technology too. FTTP isn’t available everywhere yet, but it’s being installed up and down the UK.

Stay connected with our Mobile Broadband

If you have a remote site, or one with especially challenging circuit construction requirements, the cost of installing a fixed circuit can be prohibitive. This is often the case for remote site monitoring, security, entry systems, roadside sites and CCTV.

4G WAN can provide the connectivity needed without the need for heavy investment in construction costs, our team will survey your location to see which network will be best suitable.

4G and 5G have become an increasingly popular method of connecting to the internet due to its reach, ease of installation and the high speeds these services can offer. We can provide and install 4G & 5G firewalls and routers to incorporate into a business network that offer the security required with internet access. Options such as static IP addresses and large data packages are available

Use Cases include: