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Configured and installed to your requirement

Infrastructure installs

The needs of every client are different. espok does not operate a ‘one size fits all’ policy but instead we work to understand your business taking several factors before recommending a bespoke solution for you. Our considerations include capacity, performance, scalability, availability, data protection and budget.

Servers sit at the heart of any organisation, allowing users to access data, run applications and utilise peripherals such as scanners and printers.

espok analyses the business applications you are running and their requirements before recommending a solution to fit your business needs. SMB typically only require a single server or a hybrid solution with email being hosted in the cloud. Larger organisations typically require multiple servers to host their business applications and data to provide resilience and performance.

When hardware is as critical as a server, Espok always advocate redundancy options, from disk RAID solutions right through to clustered servers for the highest protections.

Reliable Network Solutions​

The glue that holds a network together is a switch.  It is often disregarded as an area of importance in a network.  Espok believes that this area is as important as your servers, firewalls, cabling etc.  A poorly chosen switch will make your network perform badly and even create reliability issues that do not always appear to be generated by the switch itself.  A considered switch selection will always be at the forefront of Espok’s consultation process when looking at a system holistically. From small networks to a full data centre our network specialists have extensive experience and will understand your network requirements.

Getting the right switch for the right job is critical, espok consider requirements of all areas of your network and will offer a design that fits no matter the size from the core all the way to the access layer.

At Espok we work closely with Cisco hardware, we believe they offer best of breed network solutions from SMB to full Enterprise based deployments.

Our WiFi systems are fully managed and designed to be installed on any network. Our priority is always to give easy and secure access.

Our wireless network solutions are designed to deliver wired-like connectivity performance in business premises where fast paced mobility is expected to be the norm.

We will gather a thorough and in-depth technical spec using proprietary applications to analyse several vital elements that will ensure optimal coverage and a stress-free service. The number of wireless access points required is determined based on power measurements, signal to noise ratio, channel capacity and potential interference amongst many other key test points.

We use internal resources alongside a network of certified partners for deployment. We work closely with our clients to always keep any disruption to an absolute minimum, and only deploy brand new best in class hardware to deliver a reliable and fast network. From the moment devices are connected whether a smartphone, computer, minibar or payment terminal, an excellent WiFi experience should be expected throughout the building.

Manage your business, not your network

We consider network and WiFi services to be the main foundation of your digital infrastructure. In a world that is converging towards IP, having a reliable, fast, secure and resilient WiFi network is key.

Offering multiple secure networks running in parallel is vital, and allows segregation of traffic for connected devices away from the day to day internet traffic. We can provide a fully managed solution to ensure that you get the very best service possible and that your investment into WiFi connectivity goes well beyond its prime use. Our main goal is to build a foundation for you to power all of your digital needs through the reliable, fast and secure network infrastructure.

Features and benefits include:


We proactively managed, high speed, reliable networks that allow secure communication between all sites, as well as access to the internet


As well as physical cabling we’re able to help with your LAN management and configuration. We can provide visibility of the end to end network.

Wireless Network

Prioritized and guaranteed bandwidth to run effectively system such VoIP, video or audio applications for business video conferencing


Fully monitored solution that is supported 24x7x365. Using industry-leading remote monitoring we continuously check for potential issues.

Firewall and Remote Access

Our managed Firewall services provide management, monitoring, support and alerting for firewalls, in order to maintain security and business continuity.