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Monitoring & Reporting

We believe in empowering team productivity

Get immediate visibility and insights into how teams work – in office or remote!  An employee monitoring software includes features such as:

Smart rules and alerts

Configure rules and alerts to notify, block, redirect, log out, or lock-out a user depending on the severity of the action

Recorded playback
Capture and archive keystrokes and actions taken within applications
Track actions across email, website, applications and text/instant messaging
File transfer tracking
Receive notifications of file upload to cloud storage or download to mobile storage devices
Remote control
Override manual inputs by a user to prevent sensitive data from being altered and data breaches from occurring

Employers must explain the amount of monitoring clearly in the staff handbook or contract
Privacy Considerations

Employee privacy is a topic that is typically addressed during the planning and initial implementation of employee monitoring software by determining who and what activities will be monitored and when organisations will monitor. The prevalence of global workforces and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that organisations should ensure monitoring activities are in accordance with relevant privacy laws.


Many employee monitoring software products provide organisations with options to address privacy concerns, such as the ability to make apparent or hide the presence of the monitoring agent; to record only business applications, and to disable recording for specific websites and applications.

With deep data analytics, our software gives you the answers you need to help your workforce and your business be successful and provides the workflow to make it happen.